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Map of Saquish Neck showing Saquish Head

Saquish Head, sometimes called Saquish Beach or simply referred to as Saquish, is located at the end of the peninsula at the entrance to Plymouth Bay in Plymouth, Massachusetts, and is a headland and the small private settlement located on that headland. It is located east of Clark's Island and west of Gurnet Point. Its only access by land is from the Powder Point Bridge at Duxbury Beach 5 miles to the north by foot or by 4-wheel drive beach buggies, but access is restricted to property owners, residents and their guests.

Saquish was likely an island at the time of the arrival of the Pilgrims.[1][2] The prevailing story concerning the name "Saquish" is that it derives from a Wampanoag name meaning "abundance of clams", but one writer says he believes it to mean "small creek".[3]

Today, many summer cottages line the beach. Because there is no electrical connection with the mainland, houses operate under solar, wind, or propane power. The nearest retail and service area is in Hall's Corner, Duxbury. Catholic mass is held weekly on the beach on Saturdays from Independence Day to Labor Day. Entrance to the Gurnet Point and Saquish is guarded by security services and it is required that visitors check in prior to entering the beach.

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