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As Saqlāwīyah
As Saqlāwīyah is located in Iraq
As Saqlāwīyah
As Saqlāwīyah
Coordinates: 33°23′47″N 43°41′0″E / 33.39639°N 43.68333°E / 33.39639; 43.68333Coordinates: 33°23′47″N 43°41′0″E / 33.39639°N 43.68333°E / 33.39639; 43.68333
Country  Iraq
Province Al-Anbar
Elevation 42 m (138 ft)
 • Total 50,000
Time zone GMT +3
 • Summer (DST) +4 (UTC)

As Saqlāwīyah (Arabic: الصقلاوية‎) is a city in Al Anbar Governorate, in central Iraq. It is located roughly 5 miles northwest of the city of Fallujah.

Saqlawiyah is a rural city in between Habbaniyah and Fallujah that sits on the major freeway. Due to the canal network that runs through the area, agriculture is an import identity to Saqlawiyans. Due to its proximity to the major freeway, there are many shops along the road that cater to the transient crowds.