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Frozen Lake - Sar
Sar Pass Top as seen from Sar Pass in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, India
On way to Sar Pass- colours of the morning

The Sar Pass is in Parvati Valley of Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, a state of India. A trek to Sar Pass is organised every year by Youth Hostels Association of India and Kailash Rath.[1] and TripHippie [2] Groups trek up to Sar pass during the months of May and June. This is one of the most challenging and difficult treks.

Sar, in local dialect, means a lake. While trekking, across the path from Tila Lotni to Biskeri Ridge, one has to pass by a small, (normally) frozen lake (Sar) and hence the name Sar Pass Trek.


Conducted by TripHippie,[3] Kailash Rath [4] & youth hostels of India YHAI with Grahan (7,700 ft) being the first camp after Kasol, followed by Padri (8,900 ft), Minh Thatch (10,700 ft), Nagaru (12,500 ft), Biskeri Thatch (11,000 ft), and Bhandak Thatch (8,000 ft). Only since 2007, this route has been changed. Camps were made on the ridge, which could be seen from naked eyes even starting from Grahan. It generally used to be covered in snow with frequent snowfalls even during May.

For the Last 8 years before 2011 the Trek to Sar Pass from the Kasol Valley Base Camp use to go through the Unchdhar, Sheela Village, Gauna Pani, Faul Pani,Zirmi, Tila Lotni - Sar Pass, Biskeri Bandhak Thatch Route, But the Old Trek Route from the Grahan Village restarted from 2011.


View from Nagaru Camp (12,500ft)[edit]

alt text
View from Nagaru

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