Sara Lucy Bagby

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Sara Lucy Bagby
DiedJuly 14, 1906(1906-07-14) (aged 62–63)
Burial placeWoodland Cemetery
SpouseF. George Johnson

Sara Lucy Bagby (1843 – July 14, 1906) was the last person in the United States forced to return to slavery in the South under the Fugitive Slave Act.[1]

Born in the early 1840s in Virginia, she eventually escaped slavery via the Underground Railroad and made her way to Cleveland, Ohio, in a free state.[2][3] In January 1861, she was pursued by her owners, William Goshorn and his son, and arrested by a U.S. Marshall.

Despite the state government's and citizens of Cleveland's attempts to intervene—including a purported dramatic armed standoff in a courtroom—she was transported back to Goshorn's property in Wheeling, then still part of Virginia.[2] This episode forms the subject of a poem by Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, titled "To the Cleveland Union-Savers".[1][4][5][6]

After the Emancipation Proclamation, Bagby walked to Pittsburgh to leave the South. She eventually resettled in Cleveland, where she died in 1906 and was buried.[2][3]


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