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Sara Mesa (born 1976) is a Spanish writer. Born in Madrid, she has lived in Seville since childhood. As a poet, she won the Premio Nacional de Poesía Miguel Hernández in 2007 for Este jilguero agenda. Since then, she has published the novels Un incendio invisible (Premio Málaga de Novela) and El trepanador de cerebros, and the short story collections No es fácil ser verde and La sobriedad del galápago. Her novel Cuatro por cuatro was nominated for the Premio Herralde.[1][2]



  • El trepanador de cerebros (2010). The Trepaner.
  • Un incendio invisible (2011; re-edited 2017). An Invisible Fire.
  • Cuatro por cuatro (2012). Translated by Katie Whittemore as Four by Four (Open Letter, 2020).
  • Cicatriz (2015). Translated by Adriana Nodal-Tarafa as Scar (Dalkey Archive, 2017).
  • Cara de pan (2018). Translated by Megan McDowell as Among the Hedges (Open Letter, 2021).[3]
  • Un amor (2020). A Love.

Short story collections

  • La sobriedad del galápago (2008). The Sobriety of the Terrapin.
  • No es fácil ser verde (2009). It's Not Easy to Be Green.
  • Mala letra (2016). Bad Handwriting (Open Letter, forthcoming).


  • Este jilguero agenda (2007). This Goldfinch Agenda.


  • Silencio administrativo (2019). Administrative Silence.

Awards and honors[edit]

  • 2007 - Premio Nacional de Poesía Miguel Hernández (Este jilguero agenda)
  • 2011 - Premio Málaga de Novela (Un incendio invisible)
  • 2016 - Premio Ojo Crítico de Narrativa (Cicatriz)


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