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Sara Oust (1778-1822) was a Norwegian lay minister and follower of Hans Nielsen Hauge. She became the first female religious leader within the Haugean Ministry.[1]


Sara Oust was born at the village of Vingelen in the parish of Tolga in Hedmark, Norway. She was the daughter of Embret (Engebret) Embretsson Oust and Mari Persdotter Røe. Being fatherless at the age of seven, Sara Oust helped her mother carrying coal at the Røros Copper Works (Røros kopparverk) [2]

She first became aware of the teachings of Hans Nielsen Hauge in 1799. She subsequently preached in Trøndelag between 1799 and 1805 alongside another female lay minister, Randi Hevle from Drivdalen in Sør-Trøndelag, and later Kirsti Fossen from Kvikne. She reportedly had a beautiful singing voice and she also wrote psalms. Under the Conventicle Act of 1741, Norwegians citizens at the time did not have the right of religious assembly without a Church of Norway minister present. She successfully defended a collective of Haugeans from the local authorities, who gave up their attempts to implement the law after having seen she had too much support from the community. She first met Hans Nielsen Hauge in Oppdal during 1803.

In 1805, Sara Oust married Ola Toresson Haugen (1776–1862) who was a farmer in Tolga. After her marriage, their farm (Haugen i Tolga), became a center from the Haugean Movement (haugianere). Although following the death of Hans Nielsen Hauge in 1824, the Haugean Movement became less supportive of lay ministers. [3][4][5]


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