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Sara I. Radle is an American filmmaker/musician and former member of the band The Rentals, fronted by ex-Weezer bassist Matt Sharp. Radle was a member of the Rentals for three years, starting in 2005.

Sara Radle’s music career began in San Antonio, Texas, fronting the punk/pop band Lucy Loves Schroeder, at the age of 17. After the success of a self-released LP and a 7-inch single on Grade Nine Records, LLS signed to Chicago’s Beatville Records and released another LP and EP. The band toured heavily to support the CDs and gained rave reviews and rewards along the way - including Best New Artist and Best Female Vocalist. In 2003, Lucy Loves Schroeder decided to call it quits and Sara began to dedicate all her effort to her solo project.

In December 2000 Sara released an 11-song CD, Jellybeans With Belly Buttons, under the name Fred Savage Fanclub On this release, she wrote, arranged, played and sang everything. Although it was a small release on Denton-based She’s Gone Records. In December 2002, Radle began working on her next solo record with the pAper chAse’s John Congleton. The record, You Can’t Make Everybody Like You,[1] was the first release from Sara’s own Dallas-based Jeez Louise Records in January 2004. This time, however, she ditched the name Fred Savage Fanclub and released her follow-up simply as Sara Radle. Shortly after, Sara released a five-song EP, People You’ve Been Before,[2] on Jeez Louise Records in March 2004.

In June 2005, Sara headed west and relocated to Los Angeles, California to join The Rentals. In July 2008, The Rentals announced Sara's departure via their MySpace blog. Sara went on to form Los Angeles-based band, Calamity Magnet.[3] Calamity Magnet released a self-titled 5-song EP later that year.

In the summer of 2009, Sara began lending her vocals to the Los Angeles, California based indie pop group Walking Sleep (formerly The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra[4]). She played with the band until their break-up in 2011, appearing on the full-length albums Measures and Tarp Sessions.

In September 2010, Sara released her fourth solo record, entitled Four. Her fifth solo album, Same Sun Shines, marked the first time Sara engineered and mixed her own album in addition to playing all of the instruments.

In 2013, Sara announced on her Facebook page that she is writing a screenplay, with accompanying music, to begin pre-production in 2014.

In September 2014, Sara wrote and directed her first short film, "First Shift Back", which will screen at the Women's Independent Music Festival in November 2014. The short is based on Sara's feature-length screenplay, "Eleven Hundred to Lubbock", which, according to her Facebook page, went into pre-production in October 2014. The film goes into production in April 2014 and will mark Sara Radle's feature film directorial debut.


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