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Statue of Sara Wacklin made by Into Saxelin.

Sara Elizabeth Wacklin, born 26 May 1790 in Oulu (swedish: Uleåborg), died 28 January 1846 i Stockholm, was a Swedish-speaking Finnish teacher and writer. She was the daughter of the district attorney Zacharias Wacklin (1754–93) and Katarina Uhlander (1759–1847).


Sara Wacklin studied in Finland and took a course for female teachers at the Sorbonne University in Paris in 1835. As one of the first female academics in Finland, she taught school for 37 years in Uleåborg, Turku (swedish Åbo) and Helsinki. She was a pedagogical pioneer in the area of educating girls and founded four schools for girls, of which two burned down. She retired in 1843 and moved to Stockholm. She purchased a house in Köpmangatan 12, a plaque reminds today that she lived there. She wrote a popular book, A Hundred Memories of Ostrobothnia, with humorous and serious stories from Ostrobothnia in the late 18th and early 19th century.

Wacklin died in 1846 of pneumonia.


  • Hundrade minnen från Österbotten, Vol. I-II, 1844
  • Hundrade minnen från Österbotten, Vol. III, 1845


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