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Sara Wood
BornDOB unknown
England, UK
GenreRomantic novel

Sara Wood was a popular British writer of 49 romance novels in Mills & Boon from 1986 to 2004.[1]


Sara Wood was born in the south of England. Her family was poor but aspirational and avid readers. At the age of 11 Sara won a scholarship for a free place at a well-known fee-paying school. Although she passed all of her O level exams at the age of 16, she left school to train as a secretary and to help the family finances.

Married at 21, with her two sons Richard and Simon being born in the following 3 years, she fitted in care of her young children by starting up a play group and then providing bed and breakfast for tourists in her seaside home. The marriage eventually ended in divorce and Sara needed to find an occupation that would be suitable for her schoolboy sons. She trained as a teacher and met her present husband at the educational college. When they married they moved to Sussex.

Charlotte Lamb inspired her to try writing a Mills & Boon book and it was accepted. Sara decided to write full-time. After some years, she and her husband moved to Cornwall but they have now returned to Sussex and live in the same town as Richard and Simon – and their families. Sara now has 5 grandchildren.

Now, Sara Wood and her husband are grandparents and they live in Sussex.



Single Novels[edit]

  • Perfumes of Arabia (1986)
  • Passion's Daughter (1986)
  • Pure Temptation (1987)
  • Wicked Invader (1987)
  • The Count's Vendetta (1988)
  • Savage Hunger (1988)
  • No Gentle Loving (1988)
  • Tender Persuasion (1988)
  • Love Not Dishonour (1989)
  • Master of Cashel (1989)
  • Threat of Possession (1989)
  • Desert Hostage (1990)
  • Nights of Destiny (1990)
  • Sicilian Vengeance (1990)
  • Cloak of Darkness (1991)
  • Dark Forces (1992)
  • The Vengeful Groom (1994)
  • Love or Something Else (1995)
  • The Seduction Trap (1997)
  • Temporary Parents (1998)
  • A Husband's Vendetta (1999)
  • The Innocent Mistress (1999)
  • A Spanish Revenge (2000)

Destiny Trilogy[edit]

  1. Tangled Destinies (1994)
  2. Unchained Destinies (1994)
  3. Threads of Destiny (1994)

True Colours Trilogy[edit]

  1. White Lies (1996)
  2. Scarlet Lady (1996)
  3. Amber's Wedding (1996)

Euromance Multi-Author Series[edit]

  • Mask of Deception (1993)

Postcards from Europe Multi-Author Series[edit]

  • Mask of Deception (1993)

Too Hot to Handle Multi-Author Series[edit]

  • Southern Passions (1993)

Dangerous Liaisons Multi-Author Series[edit]

  • Shades of Sin (1993)

Island Dreams Multi-Author Series[edit]

  • The Dark Edge of Love (1994)

Mediterranean Passions Multi-Author Series[edit]

  • In the Heat of Passion (1994)

Wedlocked! Multi-Author Series[edit]

  • Second-Best Bride (1995)
  • Husband by Arrangement (2003)

Family Secrets Multi-Author Series[edit]

  • A Forbidden Seduction (1995)

Expecting! Multi-Author Series[edit]

  • Expectant Mistress (1998)
  • For the Babies' Sakes (2002)

Society Weddings Multi-Author Series[edit]

  • The Impatient Groom (1999)

His Baby Multi-Author Series[edit]

  • Morgan's Secret Son (2001)

Greek Tycoons Multi-Author Series[edit]

  • The Kyriakis Baby (2001)
  • The Greek Millionaire's Marriage (2004)

Mistress to a Millionaire Multi-Author Series[edit]

  • The Unexpected Mistress (2001)
  • In the Billionaire's Bed (2003)

Italian Husbands Multi-Author Series[edit]

  • The Italian's Demand (2002)

Brides of Convenience Multi-Author Series[edit]

  • A Convenient Wife (2003)

Red-Hot Revenge Multi-Author Series[edit]

  • A Passionate Revenge (2004)

Blackmail Brides Multi-Author Series[edit]

  • The Italian Count's Command (2004)

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