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Sarah is a biblical matriarch and the wife of Abraham.

Sarah may also refer to:


Fictional entities[edit]

Creative works[edit]


  • "Sarah" (Eskimo Joe song), a song by Eskimo Joe from the 2006 album, Black Fingernails, Red Wine
  • "Sarah" (Thin Lizzy song), a 1979 single by Thin Lizzy from the album Black Rose: A Rock Legend
  • "Sarah", a song by Bat for Lashes from the 2006 album Fur and Gold
  • "Sarah", a song by Tyler the Creator from the 2009 album Bastard
  • "Sarah" (Mauro Scocco song), a song from the 1988 album Mauro Scocco
  • "Sarah", a song by America from the 1977 LP Harbor
  • "Sarah", a song by The Slackers from the 2004 EP The Slackers/Pulley Split



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