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Sarah's Scribbles
Adulthood Is a Myth frontcover.jpg
Adulthood is a Myth cover
Author(s) Sarah Andersen
Current status / schedule Ongoing
Launch date 2011[1]

Sarah's Scribbles is a webcomic by Sarah Andersen since 2011. Andersen initially published the webcomic on Tumblr, but has since released it on various services, such as Facebook, Instagram and Line Webtoon. Sarah's Scribbles follows Andersen's experiences as a Millennial and focuses on themes such as adulthood and maturity. In March 2016, Andersen published a print collection of her webcomic, titled Adulthood is a Myth.


Sarah's Scribbles focuses on adulthood and the maturity of the Millennial generation. Andersen herself described Millennials as "liking to laugh at themselves," making common use of self-deprecating humour.[2] described Sarah's Scribbles as a series of "relatable comics capturing the dilemmas of a bug-eyed millennial who feels ill-equipped for grown-up life." The webcomic is semi-autobiographical, following Andersen's experiences as well as those of her friends and pets.[3] One comic shows, for instance, how Andersen borrows items from her boyfriend.[4]

Andersen's webcomic primarily features the messy-haired protagonist Sarah, who has to deal with social anxiety, body image issues and laziness.[5] Andersen has deliberately chosen not to publish photographs of her face, instead opting to present herself through her black-haired and black-eyed character. Andersen noted in December, 2016 that Owl Turd Comics was her favorite webcomic at the time, though she primarily gains inspiration from her own life and seeing what people on the internet are thinking and feeling.[2]


Sarah Andersen at Lucca Comics & Games in 2016.

Andersen started creating and uploading Sarah's Scribbles on Tumblr in 2013.[2] She was studying at the Maryland Institute College of Art the time, from which she graduated in 2014 to work on the webcomic full-time.[6] Andersen noted in an interview that publishing Sarah's Scribbles as a webcomic allows her to observe the reactions of her readership in real-time, and she stated that this allows her to do a better job. Andersen's webcomic makes use of a five-panel format, which Andersen developed because it works well with the scroll display of Tumblr and continues to work well on other websites, such as Instagram.[2]

In March, 2016, Andersen released a print collection of Sarah's Scribbles comics titled Adulthood is a Myth. The book was published by Andrews McMeel Publishing.[7] A follow-up was published in March, 2017, titled Big Mushy Happy Lump, from the same publisher. She has also released a calendar and planner featuring her comics.


Adulthood is a Myth won the Goodreads Choice Award in the "best graphic novel" category in 2016, outperforming the sixth volume of Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples' Saga.[3][7]


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