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Sarah Fasha
سارة فاشا
Sarah Fash.jpg
Born February 8, 1991
Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Home town Newport Beach, California, U.S.
Height 1.676 m (5 ft 6 in)
Title Miss Egypt 2013 Queen of the Universe Pageant
Beauty pageant titleholder
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown

Queen of the Universe Pageant 2013 Sarah Fasha's channel on YouTube

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Sarah Fasha (Arabic: سارة فاشا) is an online comedic personality, motivational speaker, and winner of Miss Egypt in the Queen of the Universe Pageant 2013,[1][2][3] of Egyptian descent. She’s a first generation American mostly known for her viral success in Egypt after winning her pageant title as well as her many viral prank videos.


Fasha belongs to an artistic family. Her grandfather, Taher Abou Fasha[4] (Arabic طاهر أبو فاشا) is an Egyptian writer and poet. He is best known for his dramatic writing for radio, having written over 800 episodes of Arabian Nights (Arabic ألف ليلة وليلة). He also wrote songs for the singing legend Umm Kulthum (Arabic أم كلثوم) as well as having written for television shows such as "Fawazir Ramadan" (Arabic فوازير رمضان) (translates as Ramadan puzzles).


Year Title Role
2010 Second World: Blood, Fire and Smoke Feluzia
2010 Last Kung Fu Monk the Singer
2013 A Temporary Thing (video short) Samantha
2013 The Man Behind the Curtain Anna
2014 Unspeakable Indiscretions Brandy
2015 Busted Life Sheryl
2015 DIG Dr. Aisha Khouri

Queen of the Universe Pageant 2013[edit]

After Fasha participated in the 2013 Queen of the Universe Pageant as Miss Egypt,[5] she came under attack on social media, with some people claiming that Fasha had inappropriately stated she was winner of the Miss Egypt title for 2013. Fasha publicly clarified that she never claimed this title on behalf of Egypt's official pageant, adding that Egypt did not even hold a Miss Egypt Pageant in 2013. She said she had stated from the beginning that she was Miss Egypt from the Queen of the Universe Pageant in Beverly Hills.

She was criticized for having served in the U.S. military, not being beautiful enough for a beauty pageant, and not being "Egyptian enough". "Beauty pageants aren't just about beauty, they are also about morals, ethics, accomplishments and more," she said in response. She was also quoted as saying she wanted to be "a voice for Egyptian women and children, as well as for other countries around the world."[6][7][8]

TEDx talk[edit]

Sarah Fasha at TEDx

In January 2015, Fasha was the headlining motivational speaker for the TEDx Benha event in Egypt and gave a talk titled “Qualify Your Sources.” a speech teaching people to ask yourself if the person who is judging or discouraging you in your life is a qualified, reliable and trustworthy source or someone who should be disregarded due to their lack of knowledge and experience"[9] [10][11][12]


Fasha released a video in 2014 entitled "Support Egypt with a Fun Dance" during the Egyptian president election which was viewed over 200 thousand times. Her last video "Wet to Dry Flat Iron Tutorial GONE WRONG FAIL" was featured in articles by the website of Sofía Vergara, Flama, many national Egyptian newspapers and she has also appeared in the television show, Right This Minute.[13][14]

(2018 -) Today she is running a youtube channel named, SarahFashaTV,[15] creating viral videos under the captions and titles of "Drunk Reporter".

The graph below shows signatures in STATS in views, on all social media platforms.


Year Award Nominated work Category Result
2013 Queen of the Universe Pageant Representative for Egypt Miss Egypt Won
2014 World Music & Independent Film Festival Busted Life Best Actress Nominated

Social Media And Website[edit]


Facebook [18]

Wattpad [19]

Snapchat: sarahfashatv

Website [20]

Todays Life (2018)[edit]

Sarah today is living in Los Angeles, California. Working as a professional Youtuber and social media content creater. Also, independently working on a newer vlog channel and model jobs. After getting over 8000 views on a newer video, she has now set her goals higher, looking for the greater content to suit her and her viewers in the future. Coming up with the next point of her life has never been easier, as she steps closer to what she sees in her future.


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