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Sarah Ann Glover

Sarah Ann Glover (13 November 1785 – 20 October 1867) was an English music educator who invented the Norwich sol-fa system.

Life and career[edit]

Glover was born in The Close, Norwich. Her father became Curate of St Laurence's Church, Norwich in 1811, and she developed her learning system to aid teachers with a cappella singing. Her instructional book Scheme for Rendering Psalmody Congregational met with great success.[1][2] It was later refined and developed by John Curwen and others over the years.[3][4] The concept became well known in popular culture after it was featured in a song from The Sound of Music.

Glover later lived in Cromer, then Reading, then Hereford. She died of a stroke in Great Malvern and was buried there.

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