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Sarah Haywood in Yorkshire, 2015

Sarah Haywood is a wedding entrepreneur and businesswoman, based in the United Kingdom. Since the early 2000s she has planned some of the highest budget marriages held in Europe, from the likes of royalty, pop stars and Fortune 500 list members. In 2015 she put on a large ceremony for Jay Chou, the Taiwanese pop star, held in Yorkshire.[1] In 2019, she did the St Moritz wedding party of Akash Ambani, son of Mukesh Ambani and Shloka Mehta[2] said to have been a "winter-wonderland themed extravaganza in Switzerland".[3]

The Daily Mail featured Haywood in April 2015 in an exposé on wealth creation.[4] Paris Match called Sarah "one of the most influential wedding planners on the planet".[5] Haywood was named as the world's best International Wedding Planner by Vogue USA in 2018.[6] She was the wedding consultant on HBOs 2018 series Succession (TV series).[7]

Haywood has written several books, including Wedding Bible (2006), a new edition of which was released in 2015. The Daily Dot interviewed Haywood about throwing a Game of Thrones inspired wedding, including all props and outfits.[8]

Time Magazine quoted Haywood in a piece titled Shades of Diana's Legacy at the Royal Wedding.[9]

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