Sarah Horton

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Sarah Horton
Days of Our Lives character
Portrayed by
  • Colin Lewis (1981)
  • Anthony Seaward (1981–82)
  • Katie Krell (1982–83)
  • Lisa Brinegar (1985–89)
  • Shauna Lane-Block (1989)
  • Aimee Brooks (1990–91)
  • Alli Brown (1991)
  • 1981–83
  • 1985–91
First appearance December 25, 1981
Last appearance June 13, 1991
Created by
Introduced by
Classification Former, regular
Occupation Former Candy-striper
Residence Nashville, Tennessee

Sarah Horton is a fictional character on the show, Days of Our Lives.

She was born in 1981 to Neil Curtis and Maggie Horton. She was conceived through artificial insemination and was believed to be the daughter of Evan Whyland. It was not until she was a teen that they found out her father was Neil Curtis. To Sarah, Mickey Horton will always be her daddy. Mickey raised and loved Sarah as if she were his own blood. Evan gave up his legal rights when she was an infant, but Mickey never adopted her. Sarah left town with her sister, Melissa. They settled in Nashville. Melissa has made a few return visits to town but, Sarah has not been seen since they left.

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