Sarah Jane's Alien Files

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Sarah Jane's Alien Files
SJA Alien Files.jpg
Title Card
Created by Russell T Davies
Starring Elisabeth Sladen
Tommy Knight
Daniel Anthony
Anjli Mohindra
Alexander Armstrong
Theme music composer Murray Gold
Composer(s) Sam Watts
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of series 1
No. of episodes 6
Executive producer(s) Gillian Scothern
Producer(s) John Piper
Running time 30 min
Original network CBBC
Picture format PAL (576i) 16:9
Original release 11 October – 15 November 2010
Related shows The Sarah Jane Adventures
Doctor Who: Greatest Monsters & Villains
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Sarah Jane's Alien Files was a BBC series based on The Sarah Jane Adventures. It features Sarah Jane Smith, Luke Smith, Clyde Langer, and Rani Chandra entering data on aliens they have encountered during their adventures into Mr Smith, Sarah Jane's extraterrestrial computer, to benefit humanity in the event that Sarah Jane is no longer capable of defending the Earth against alien threats.

Each episode is a clip show summarising the events of episodes in which the featured aliens appeared. The only new footage is the framing and narration, shot entirely on the series' standing attic set. Occasionally, brief clips from Doctor Who are included for context, such as in episode 6 when the Judoon are compared to the Cheetah People of Survival in that each humanoid species looks superficially like a non-humanoid terrestrial mammal (rhinoceros and cheetah, respectively). The series format was based upon the short "alien files" clips previously produced for the CBBC's The Sarah Jane Adventures website.

Episode list[edit]

Episode Airdate Character Aliens
1 11 October 2010[1] Sarah Jane Smith The Trickster and Graske
2 18 October 2010[2] Rani Chandra Entity, Eve and Ship
3 25 October 2010[3] Luke Smith Mrs Wormwood, Bane Mother and Sontarans
4 1 November 2010[4] Sarah Jane Smith Slitheen, Blathereen and Rakweed
5 8 November 2010[5] Clyde Langer Berserkers and Mona Lisa
6 15 November 2010[6] Luke Smith Judoon, Androvax and Mr Dread


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