Sarah Lincoln Grigsby

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Sarah Lincoln Grigsby
Born Sarah Lincoln
(1807-02-10)February 10, 1807
Elizabethtown, Kentucky, US
Died January 20, 1828(1828-01-20) (aged 20)
Lincoln State Park, Indiana, US
Spouse(s) Aaron Grigsby (1826–28; her death)
Parent(s) Thomas Lincoln (father)
Nancy Hanks Lincoln (mother)
Relatives Abraham Lincoln (brother)
Abraham Lincoln (grandfather)

Sarah Lincoln Grigsby (February 10, 1807 – January 20, 1828) was the older sister of the sixteenth president Abraham Lincoln and cared for him when they were young.[1]

Early life[edit]

Sarah Lincoln was born in Elizabethtown, Kentucky to Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Lincoln in 1807. After their mother's death in 1818, Sarah was in charge of taking care of the house, her brother Abe and their cousin Dennis Hanks, who was living with them. Thomas married Sarah Bush Johnston in 1819, and brought her home to be a stepmother to his children.

Marriage and family[edit]

In August 1826, Sarah Lincoln married Aaron Grigsby (1801–1831). She died on January 20, 1828, while giving birth to a stillborn boy. Her brother Abraham blamed the death of his sister on the failure of Grigsby to send for a doctor.[2] She was buried in a small cemetery next to the Little Pigeon Baptist Church, a Primitive Baptist Church attended by the Lincoln family and where her father Thomas was a trustee. The church and Sarah's gravesite are located within what was the Little Pigeon Creek Community and is now Lincoln State Park in Indiana.

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