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Sarah Mlynowski
Born (1977-01-04) January 4, 1977 (age 38)
Montreal, Canada
Occupation Novelist
Nationality Canadian
Citizenship American
Period 2001-present
Genre Romance
Spouse Todd
Children Chloe
Relatives Elissa Ambrose (mother)

Sarah Mlynowski (born January 4, 1977 in Montreal, Canada) is a writer of middle-grade fiction, young adult novels, and adult fiction. Sarah lives in New York City. [1]


Personal life[edit]

Sarah is the daughter of the romance writer Elissa Ambrose. Her parents are divorced, and she has one sister, Aviva Mlynowski, and an older stepsister. Sarah married her husband Todd in 2004, and together they have two daughters.


Milkrun, 2001/Dec

She graduated with an Honors degree in English literature from McGill University. Later, she moved to Toronto to work for Harlequin Enterprises Ltd. She used her romance publishing experiences to fuel her first novel Milkrun, which has since been published in 16 countries, selling over 600,000 copies around the globe. When her second novel, Fishbowl, received even more accolades, including a starred review from Booklist and being named one of Waldenbooks Best Women's Fiction novels of 2002, she moved to New York City to write full-time. She writes "chick lit" and "teen lit" novels, and she also co-wrote the first guide to writing chick lit: See Jane Write.[2]


As editor[edit]

Anthologies edited[edit]

As writer[edit]

Chick Lit[edit]

Single novels[edit]
  • Milkrun (2001)
  • Fishbowl (2002)
  • Monkey Business (2004)
  • As Seen on TV (2004)
  • Me Vs. Me (2006)
  • Gimme a Call (2010)
  • Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn't Have) (2011)

Teen Lit[edit]

Sarah has written a YA Quartet known as the 'MAGIC IN MANHATTAN' (used to be called the 'ALL ABOUT RACHEL SERIES'). Rachel, the main character is an average 14-year-old. Little does she know that her mom (and younger sister) are witches. In the first book 'BRAS & BROOMSTICKS' Rachel falls head over heels for a boy, her dad decides to remarry and soon, instead of being jealous of her sister Miri she thinks about all the advantages instead...






Collaborative Efforts[edit]

Non fiction[edit]


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