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Sarah Nile
Veronica Ciardi & Sarah Nile.jpg
Veronica Ciardi (left) and Sarah Nile (2010)
Born Sarah Nile
(1985-10-10) 10 October 1985 (age 31)
Naples, Italy.
Occupation Model, actress, showgirl, dancer, calendar girl, Playboy Playmate, television and reality personality.
Years active 2006–present

Sarah Nile (born October 10, 1985 in Naples) is an Italian model, showgirl, actress, dancer and reality television personality.


Personal background[edit]

Born by a mother of Pozzuoli and a father of Brussels, Sarah Nile lives and works in Milan and she speaks three languages (Italian, Spanish and French).[1] Nile has Italian and French citizenship.[1] Nile gained to the attention of Italian and international mass media becoming the first Playmate of the Month in the January 2009 relaunch of the Italian version of Playboy magazine. Nile represented Italy at the opening of Playboy Singapore in April 2009.[2] In February 2010, Nile become Playmate of the Year of Playboy Italia.[3][4]

She is very fluent in three languages (Italian, Spanish and French),[1] she has a degree in physiotherapeutic massages,[1] Sarah Nile likes to practice[1] extreme sports like skydiving[5] and from her father Ivan Nile (a native of Brussels)[1] she has inherited the passion for two wheels (the motorbike), a sport she cultivates since the age of 12.[6]

Nile, after graduating at the Art College of Monteruscello[1] and having successfully attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples,[1] exhibited her paintings[1] in many successfully art exhibitions in Spain[6] (the country where she had moved after[1] the 18 years old), in Italy (from 2010 onwards,[1] after taking part in the Italian Big Brother)[1] and in Mexico.[7]

After six years (since December 2008) of working for Playboy Italia,[8] Sarah Nile at the end of 2014 changed her agency because she preferred to study acting.[1]


Sarah Nile from 7 December 2009 to 25 January 2010,[1] appeared as a Playmate realitystar[9] in the 10th season of the Italian television series Grande Fratello,[10][11] hosted by Alessia Marcuzzi and aired on Canale 5 in the prime time: in this reality show Nile fall in love with an other contestant,[1] the model Veronica Ciardi.

Career with Playboy[edit]

Playboy Playmate[edit]

Nile was brought to the attention[1] of the Italian and international mass media becoming the first Playmate of the Month (Centerfold: December 2008 / January 2009,[12][13][14][15] on: Playboy Italia n. 1[16][17]) of the monthly magazine Playboy Italia that went on news-stands (after many years of absence[18]) on paper[19] and online[20][21] with some success.

Nile in 2009, as a Playmate of Playboy, was the presenter (with the members of Lo Zoo di 105) and the testimonial of the 2009 edition of the radio program and the competition named 105 Playmate aired on the frequencies of Radio 105 Network, Nile participated at the Internazionali BNL d'Italia 2009[22][23] and at the Fiera Autopromotec 2009 - Fiera di Bologna 2009,[24] she was testimonial of Harley Davidson and Honda Racing Italia to the Spanish Grand Prix (Circuit: Jerez de la Frontera)[25] and (with Francesca Lukasik) at the Italian Grand Prix (Circuit: Mugello),[26][27] she was the evening star (madrina della serata) in the 2009 edition of Pitti Uomo (one of international fashion events organized by Pitti Immagine at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence),[28] Nile has been the star of Playboy Summer Tour 2009.[28] Her role at 105 Playmate has been confirmed[1] also in the five subsequent editions (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014).

Playmate of the Year[edit]

After being crowned[29][30] as the first Playmate of the Year (year: 2010,[31][32] on Playboy Italia n. 12[33][34][35]) of Playboy Italia at the beginning of December 2009[29][30] (but her Cover of the year was published only on February 2010[36][37][38]), Nile participated as a contestant[1][39] in the 10th season of the Italian reality show for "nip" Grande Fratello.[40]

Nile, as a Playmate of the Year, was the presenter (with the members of Lo Zoo di 105) and the testimonial of the 2010 edition of the radio program and the competition named 105 Playmate aired on the frequencies of Radio 105 Network, Nile has been testimonial of the Honda Racing Italia at the Grand Prix of Spain (Circuit: Jerez de la Frontera) and the Italian Grand Prix (circuit: Mugello) and she has held the same role (with her colleagues Playmates Cristina De Pin and Francesca Lukasik)[41] to the San Marino Grand Prix (circuit: Misano) in the 2010 MotoGP World Championships, Nile has been the protagonist of Playboy Summer Tour 2010,[42][43] she has been the Italian protagonist of the party for the 50th anniversary of the Playboy Clubs (a party held on the initiative of Hugh Hefner and Playboy America, simultaneously in 50 carefully selected clubs, transformed for this occasion[44] in the Playboy Clubs, in 50 cities, including Milano Marittima in Italy, around the world[45][46]).

Playboy International[edit]

Because she is «the most famous Italian Playboy Playmate in Europe»,[47] Nile represented her country (Italy) at the inauguration of Playboy Singapore, event held on 16 April 2009 in the famous city-state[48][49] and she has become (the first and only Italian) also the Playmate of the Month (Centerfold: in June 2009, on: Playboy Russia n. 152[50][51][52]) of the Russian ediction of Playboy. Moreover, she has participated (along with her colleagues Playmates of Playboy Italia Micol Ronchi, Cristina De Pin and Francesca Lukasik) at the pictorial (photoshoot) titled Playmates of Playboy Italy[53] published on n. 201 (June 2009) of Playboy Poland. Nile in June 2010[54] posed (along with Hope Dworaczyk, Mia Gray, Chantal Hanse and Eugenia Diordiychuk) for the pictorial published on n. 211 (July 2010) of Playboy Poland. Nile in December 2012[55][56] posed naked for the 2013 nude calendar[57][58] (with Claudia Borroni and other models[59][60]) of De Nardi.


The "poker duel" with Paris Hilton[edit]

According to some reports in Italy from the websites of La Repubblica Group,[61][62] on 1 March 2009 Nile was chosen by Hugh Hefner as his "teacher of poker", Texas Holdem to be precise: choosing the Italian Playmate, the patron of Playboy has, de facto, rejected the "candidature" to that role of Paris Hilton causing the disappointment and jealousy of the famous American heiress[63][64] which is also known for her assiduous of the "green tables" of Las Vegas; in the same period some Italian tabloids reported some reports about a flirt between Hefner and Nile in that period, but the Italian Playmate denied.

Love story with Veronica Ciardi[edit]

From 7 December 2009 to 25 January 2010 Sarah Nile participated to the 10th ediction of Grande Fratello (the Italian version of Big Brother's international television format). In that reality Nile developed a love story with an other contestant, Veronica Ciardi, and that story caused a big scandal in the Italian television because that love story was the first lesbian love story in an Italian reality show, but with that love story Ciardi and Nile obtained an international notoriety. Along with Ciardi,[65] Nile[66] is the only Italian to be present in the The 2010 Hot 100, the world ranking published by the well-known web-magazine on 17 May 2010; this news was reported in Italy by Rupert Murdoch's Sky Italia.[67][68] The love story of Nile and Ciardi ended in September 2010 after much pressure from the Italian press.

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