Sarah Strohmeyer

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Sarah Strohmeyer
Born Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Occupation Writer, novelist
Nationality American
Genre Mystery,
Notable works Bubbles Yablonsky Series

Sarah Strohmeyer is an award-winning American author of crime novels and of books about relations between men and women. She is best known for her Bubbles Yablonsky series about a hairdresser that is consistently drawn into solving various crimes and murders.


Strohmeyer grew up in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, later attending Tufts University and graduating with a degree in International Relations. After graduation Strohmeyer began working as a journalist, initially for the Home News in New Brunswick, but later moving to Lebanon, New Hampshire and working for the Valley News.[1] In 1997 Strohmeyer published Barbie Unbound, which she wrote in response to her seeing several mothers refuse to allow their children to play with the doll due to it being perceived as being a "bimbo".[2] Sarah lives in Middlesex, Vermont,[3] where she is currently the town clerk.[4]

Reception and awards[edit]

Reception to Strohmeyer's work has been predominantly positive,[5] with her book The Cinderella Pact garnering praise from the Roanoke Times.[6]



Bubbles Yablonsky Series[edit]

  • Bubbles Unbound (2001)
  • Bubbles In Trouble (2002)
  • Bubbles Ablaze (2003)
  • Bubbles a Broad (2004)
  • Bubbles Betrothed (2005)
  • Bubbles All The Way (2006)

Standalone Novels[edit]


  • Barbie Unbound: A Parody of the Barbie Obsession (1997)


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