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Sarah Williams
Occupation Producer, screenwriter
Years active 1991–present
Known for Wallis & Edward, Becoming Jane

Sarah Williams is a producer and screenwriter perhaps best known for co-writing the scripts to the 2005 television film Wallis & Edward and the 2007 feature film Becoming Jane. For her work adapting the novels Poppy Shakespeare and Small Island for television, Williams received two Writers' Guild of Great Britain Award nominations. She voiced Macaron, Lychee, Fern, and Sweetie in the Palace Pets App, and Winnie from Mama Mirabelle's Home Movies.


Williams was a producer of the 1991 parody film The Craig Ferguson Story,[1] and the following year she produced the documentary style television series Funny Business. Williams worked as a co-producer in the children's television series Up on the Roof in 1997[2] and as a producer for the 1998 television film Jack and the Beanstalk.[3]

Williams' first writing credit was the 2005 television production Wallis & Edward, for which she wrote the script.[4][5] Williams wrote The Secret Life of Mrs. Beeton, which came out in 2006.[6] After reading in 2004 Becoming Jane Austen, a 2003 biography by Jon Hunter Spence, Williams approached Ecosse Films about the possibility of adapting it into a film about Austen's early life. The company agreed, and hired her to write a script. After she composed several drafts, the company hired screenwriter Kevin Hood to aid in its further development because of his "romantic sensibility."[7] The resulting film, Becoming Jane, was released in 2007.[7]

Williams was the screenwriter for the 2007 docudrama, Sinking of the Lusitania: Terror at Sea.[8] The following year, Williams adapted the novel Poppy Shakespeare for television. The Guardian called her script an example of "good art,"[9] and she received a nomination for Best Television Short-Form Drama at the 2009 Writers' Guild of Great Britain Awards. In 2009, Williams co-wrote the two-part television drama Small Island with Paula Milne.[10] It also received a nomination for Best Television Short-Form Drama, this time at the 2010 Writers' Guild of Great Britain Awards.[11] Williams adapted a novel by Sophie Hannah into the 2012 two-part series Case Sensitive, starring Olivia Williams.[12]


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