Sarai Alamgir Tehsil

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Sarai Alamgir Tehsil
Sarai Alamgir Tehsil is located in Pakistan
Sarai Alamgir Tehsil
Sarai Alamgir Tehsil
Location in Pakistan
Coordinates: 32°54′N 73°45′E / 32.900°N 73.750°E / 32.900; 73.750Coordinates: 32°54′N 73°45′E / 32.900°N 73.750°E / 32.900; 73.750
Country  Pakistan
Province Punjab
District Gujrat District
Towns 4
Union councils 9
 • Governing Person Nazim
 • Second Level of governance Naib nazim
 • Total 575 km2 (222 sq mi)
Population (1998)
 • Total 1,75,287
 • Density 304/km2 (790/sq mi)
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
 • Summer (DST) PDT (UTC+5)

Sarai Alamgir Tehsil (Urdu: ﺗﺤﺼﻴﻞ سرائے عالمگیر ) (pop. 1,75,287) is one of four administrative areas, or Tehsils, in the District of Gujrat. The Tehsil is located on the eastern bank of the Jhelum River across from the larger town of Jhelum. East of the Tehsil is the Upper Jhelum Canal. To the south is the city of Lalamusa.[1]

Geography and climate[edit]

Sarai is located at 32°54′00″N 73°45′00″E / 32.90000°N 73.75000°E / 32.90000; 73.75000 (32.900000, 73.750000) and lies at an altitude of 232 metres (763 ft) above sea-level.

The Tehsil as a whole has a moderate climate. In summer, temperatures can reach 45 °C, but the hot spells are comparatively short. The winter months are very pleasant with temperatures rarely falling below 2 °C.


Sarai Alamgir Tehsil is south of the city of Jhelum, Punjab, Pakistan.[1]


The actual town of Sarai was founded by the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb because of its strategic location on the Grand Trunk Road and the Jhelum River as well as its proximity to Kashmir. Sarai Alamgir was given status of Tehsil in 1993.[1]

Administrative setup[edit]

The Tehsil Municipal Administration is a corporate body and consists of the Administrator, Tehsil Municipal Officer, 4 Tehsil Officers and other officials of the Local Council Service and officials of the offices entrusted to the Tehsil Municipal Administration. Administrator is the head of Tehsil Municipal Administration and exercises all powers as have been assigned to him under the Ordinance. The Tehsil Municipal Officer is acting as coordinating and administrative officer in-charge of the Tehsil Officers.[2]

Union Councils[edit]

Sarai Alamgir Tehsil has 9 union councils, They are (along with population as in 1998)

  • Mandi Bhalwal (109) 18960
  • Bhagnagar (113) 17282
  • Karyala (113) 20531
  • Simbli (114) 21936
  • Khohar (115) 32486
  • Sarai Alamgir-I (116) 17271
  • Sarai Alamgir-II (117) 19895
  • Thill Bakohal (110) 18574
  • Baisa (111) 20353
  • Total population 175,287 (as per Government of Punjab figures from 1998).[1]


The nearest international airport is at Islamabad, about 127 km (79 mi) away.[3] However, there are good transport links including a railway station, the Grand Trunk Road, the Jhelum River for travel by boat and the Upper Jhelum Canal.

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Sites of interest nearby[edit]

Sarai Alamgir is situated on historic crossroads between the ancient Grand Trunk Road and the Jhelum River. Nearby are the Mangla Dam, the site of the Battle of the Hydaspes, the city of Alexandria Bucephalous founded by Alexander the Great, and the huge Rohtas Fort.[4][5]

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