Sarajevska pivara

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Sarajevska pivara
Public (SASE: SRPVRK1)
Industry Beverages
Founded May 24, 1864
Headquarters Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Key people
Hilmo Selimović (President of the steering board)
Nazif Branković (General director)
Products Beers, lagers, soft drinks and water
Revenue 76,188 million BAM (2007)[1]
8,522 million BAM (2007)[1]
Number of employees
620 (2007)
Website Official Website

Sarajevska pivara (SASE: SRPVRK1) is a Bosnian brewing company based in Sarajevo.


Sarajevska pivara building erected 1881[2]

The Sarajevska pivara opened in 1864 as the first local industry and shortly became one of leading producers in Bosnia, with considerable amounts exported to Montenegro, Croatia and Albania. Just before World War I, Sarajevska Pivara was producing 116,000 hectoliters per year, and in 1916 it passed the limit of 150,000 hl.

Today’s President of the Steering Board Mr. Hilmo Selimović, was appointed to a position of Sarajevska pivara d.d. General Director on 1 August 1983. Since that period, Sarajevska Pivara had steady production growth that had growth from 299,000 hectoliters in 1984 to 784,000 hectoliters in 1991. With these results, Sarajevska Pivara became one of the four leading companies in the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.


Brands held by the Sarajevska pivara:

  • Sarajevsko pivo
  • Löwe beer
  • Premium beer
  • 0% beer
  • Swity juice
  • Sok plus
  • Sarajevska voda



In its attempt to become the dominant food and beverage producer in the region, Sarajevska Pivara acquired some of the largest Bosnian food producers:

  • Vegafruit - food and beverages
  • Bosnaprodukt - food
  • Sprind - food
  • Klas - food


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