Sarangani Bay

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Sarangani Bay
En route to Glan Sarangani Province Philippines.jpg
View of the bay along the road en route to Glan, Sarangani
Sansangani norte.jpg
North part of Sarangani Bay
LocationSouthern Mindanao, Philippines
Coordinates05°58′N 125°11′E / 5.967°N 125.183°E / 5.967; 125.183Coordinates: 05°58′N 125°11′E / 5.967°N 125.183°E / 5.967; 125.183
Max. length33 km (21 mi)
Max. width16 km (9.9 mi)

Sarangani Bay is a bay located on the southern tip of Mindanao in the Philippines. It opens up to the Celebes Sea on the Pacific Ocean. General Santos City, one of the Philippines most important cities and ports, is located at the head of the bay, making the bay one of the busiest and often the sight of shipping accidents.[1] The province of Sarangani, created in 1992, is named after the bay.



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