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The Sarania Kachari is a indigenous Assamese ethnic community found in the state of Assam In Northeast India. People are predominantly inhabitants of Baksa, Udalguri and Kamrup district of Assam. From the historical point of view, Sarania Kachari were Kirats or Bodo-Kachari in origin. The Sarania Kacharis are a section of hinduised people of the Bodo community and other indigenous Assamese communities. Most of the Sarania Kacharis belonged to Mongoloid or Austric racial stock.


Rice is a staple food of the Sarania Kachari. Traditionally Sarania Kachari are non-vegetarians. Some of the varieties of indigenous drinks of Sarania Kacharis are: - Mod, Sarep and Mera made-up of rice.

Textiles and ornaments[edit]

Sarania Kachari men often prefer to wear ‘Dhuti-Kurta’ and decorated 'Gamshoh’ (Mukshoh). Weaving and cultivation are integral part of Sarania Kachari culture. Many Sarania Kachari families rear their own silkworms, the cocoons of which are then spun into silk. Sarania Kachari girls learn to weave from a young age. Most Sarania Kachari women weave their own “Mekhlaa Sador” (the traditional dress of the Sarania Kachari women) and “Gamshoh” (Mukshoh) for Sarania Kachari men. The Sarania Kachari are also expert craftsmen in bamboo.


The traditional religion of the Sarania Kacharis is Hinduism. Every Sarania Kachari village has an identical Namghor that follows strict religious rituals and customs. Sarania Kachari worship household deities to maintain peace in their family and community and for the welfare of the society. ‘Bao-Gohai Pujoh’, ‘Bator Pujoh’, ‘Maju Pujoh’, ‘Sidra Gossani Pujoh’, ‘Jal Kowari Pujoh’ ‘Hungkar Bhanga Pujoh’, ‘Sop Bhanga Pujoh’ etc.


“Bao Gohai Pujoh” (Bamboo God) Ritual Ceremony is the most important festival of Sarania Kachari. The other important festivals of Sarania Kachari are “Bambolpita” or “Heporpita Utsop”, “Moh-kheedoh Utsop” etc.

Marriage systems[edit]

Monogamy is the most popular form of marriage but acquiring more than one wives is permissible if the first wife gives her consent to it due to some reasons. In the present day Sarania Kachari society has five type of marriages performed among them are - (1) Porjapatiyo Biyoh, (2) Gondhorva Biyoh, (3) Ghor-Jawai, (4) Jhiyo'r Ga-Jasi Howa Biyoh and (5) Polai Nia Biyoh.

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