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Sarantuya (Mongolian: Батмөнхийн Сарантуяа (born April 20, 1970 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia), known simply as Saraa, is a Mongolian mezzo-soprano singer who has been a major figure in the pop music scene of the Mongol people since the late 1980s. She is still very popular among the Mongolian population, and is recognized as the queen of Mongolian pop music.[1] Saraa is the highest-selling Mongolian artist of all time, with hits like "Torson Odriin Bayar", "Bi Jargaltai", "Argagui Amrag", and others.

Saraa started off singing in a small band called "Mungun Harandaa" (translated as "Silver Pencil").


Known as the "Pop Diva", Saraa was named "Singer of the Century"[by whom?] - an unprecedented honor for a Mongolian. She has also received numerous other awards, one of which is "Best Artist" from Pentatonic, a mainstream music festival held annually.

Personal life[edit]

Saraa's mother is of Yakut descent. Saraa is divorced and has two children, a son and daughter. She was once married to Boldkhuyag, a Golomt Bank executive.


Title Year
Зүүдний говь 1993
Инээмтгий хүн 1994
Аргагүй амраг 1996
Миний дуу (cassette) 1997
Эгэл сэтгэл 1998
Хайрын зөрлөг 2000
Тэгвэл хоёулаа (children's songs) 2001
Saraa De Mооn 2002
Би жаргалтай — 2 CD 2003
Шинэ жилийн аялгуу 2004
Өнөөдөр ирсэн дурлал 2007
Төрсөн өдрийн аялгуу 2009
Аргагүй Монгол аялгуу 2011


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