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Sarasah is a Korean manhwa written by Ryu Ryang and published by Yen Press.[1]


Ji-Hae is an average high school girl who has had a long crush on Seung-Hyu, who has rejected her public confessions of love on multiple occasions. After her last & most embarrassing declaration, Seung-Hyu loses his patience and pushes her away, causing Ji-hae to fall down a flight of stairs to her death. In the after life, Ji-Hae is greeted by a couple of sympathetic Gods who are touched by her unrequited feelings & untimely death. Looking at her spirit, they sense that Ji-Hae's problems were caused in a former life and therefore send her back in time.

Centuries earlier, Ji-Hae awakes in the body of her past life with a floral tattoo on her chest which will gradually bloom more as someone falls deeper in love with her. There she meets Seung-Hyu's past self Ja-Yun, who is already in love with another girl who would have died due to the actions of Ji-Hae's past self. As a daughter to a high-ranking official Ji-Hae disguises herself as a boy to join the Hwa Rang (local male educational facility) to get close to Ja-Yun. Ji-Hae's life becomes more complicated as she tries to balance her multiple identities (a modern girl from the future, a socially elite female and a lower class young male with aspirations) strikes up a close friendship with Ja-Yun's girlfriend, and attracts the effections of various different handsome young men.

To date, the story remains unfinished as only five volumes have been translated into English by Yen Press, with no sign of further volumes being published.


Ji-hae A tomboyish girl who likes Seung-hyu but was pushed down from a flight of stairs that led to her death. When she was sent to the past she grew her hair longer. She used the name Seung-hyu to be a "nang-do".

Seung-hyu – The boy Ji-Hae has a crush on who pushed her down a flight of stairs leading to her death (it might have been accidental).

Ja-yun- The past self of Seung-Hyu. A boy who comes from a low class background. Is in the Hwa Rang also the reason Ji-Hae joins the Hwa Rang disguised as a boy. Currently thinks Ji-Hae is a boy. Finds out Ji-Hae is a girl later on. It seems that he fell in love with Ji-hae a little.

Bun Min Rang A general in the Hwa Rang and the only one who knows Ji-Hae's secret. He fell in love with Ji-hae. He doesn't like Misa-heul very much. Has excellent skills in sword fighting

Misa-heul A cold/smart guy. The leader of The Hwa-Rang's and he's also Ja-Yun's boss. Ji-Hae accidentally injures him with and arrow but later treats his wound. Also finds out Ji-Hae is a girl later on.

Lady Ari Ji-hae's past self, she is the opposite of Ji-hae as she is feminine, smart and arrogant. She fell in love with Ja-yun, but was rejected and she was jealous of So-dan because she was his lover, so she paid So-dan's father to sell her to a noble who loves young beautiful girl and ended up (unintentionally) killing her.

So-dan Seung-hyu's past lover. She is very beautiful and kind. In the past she was killed by Ari unintentionally. Because she was killed is what led Seung-hyu to hate Ji-hae in the present.


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