Sarasbaug Ganpati

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Sarasbaug Ganpati Temple
Sarasbaug Ganpati is located in Maharashtra
Sarasbaug Ganpati
Location in Maharashtra
Coordinates18°30′44″N 73°51′11″E / 18.51222°N 73.85306°E / 18.51222; 73.85306Coordinates: 18°30′44″N 73°51′11″E / 18.51222°N 73.85306°E / 18.51222; 73.85306

The Sarasbaug temple houses the idol of Shree Siddhivinayak ("God who makes wishes true"). A sacred ground of faith for millions of devotees in Pune and around the world, on an average the Sarasbaug temple receives ten thousand visitors a day and this figure goes up to eighty thousand devotees per day on Ganesha Chaturthi and other special occasions. Various dignitaries and luminaries throughout India have made it a point to visit this sacred temple to seek the blessings of Shri Siddivinayak.

Brief history[edit]

In the 18th century, soon after completion of Shree Devdeveshwar Temple on Parvati hill, Shrimant Balaji Baji Rao turned his attention towards the development and beautification of environs of Parvati hills.[1] He decided to construct a lake at the foothills of Parvati. An island of about 25,000 sq.ft. (2,370 m2) area was retained in the middle of this lake. Later on, a beautiful garden was created on this island. Shrimant Nanasaheb Peshwa gave it a poetic name, “The Sarasbaug ”.

In 1784, Shrimant Sawai Madhavrao Peshwa built a small temple in Sarasbaug and installed the idol of Shree Siddhivinayak Gajanan, the God he worshiped. Sarasbaug has now become a place of worship for people from all over the world and also a popular hang-out for Punekars.


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