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The Saratoga County Homestead, or Homestead Sanitarium, was a large tuberculosis sanatorium located in the hamlet of Barkersville, in Providence, New York. It is publicly recorded as The Homestead Sanitarium[1] and located on County Highway 16.

The Homestead was opened in 1914 and treated patients for tuberculosis until 1960.[2] The original building was wood, but was replaced by the brick building that stands today in 1932. The institution reopened in 1961 as The Saratoga County Infirmary.

Some visitors of the building point to the things left behind — beds, books, kitchen supplies, medical supplies, etc. — as evidence of the facility being shut down suddenly.[3] However, if this was in fact reopened as the Saratoga County Infirmary, then the left behind items would not be related to the Sanitarium.

Saratoga County officials sold the building in the 1980s to Bruce Houran, who was planning to reopen it as healthcare related facility. The building remains vacant, but still stands.[4]

Thrill seekers have often traveled to this building in the hopes of capturing some ghostly activity.[5]

It appears this has been sold to Patrick Brereton of Saratoga Springs, NY.[6]


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