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Saratok is located in Malaysia
Location in Malaysia
Coordinates: 1°44′24″N 111°20′13.2″E / 1.74000°N 111.337000°E / 1.74000; 111.337000
Country  Malaysia
State  Sarawak
Elevation 10 m (32.8 ft)
Population (2000)
 • Total 44,600
Time zone MST (UTC+8)
 • Summer (DST) Not observed (UTC+8)

Saratok is a town, and the capital of the Saratok District (1,586.9 square kilometres) in Betong Division, Sarawak, East Malaysia in the island of Borneo. The last recorded district population was 44,600 (year 2000 census). It is located about 50 kilometers from Betong. Iban forms the majority of the population (51%) with Malay (40%), Chinese (7%), Bidayuh and Melanau minorities.

A majority of the Iban people live in longhouses in rural areas, planting paddy, pepper and tapping rubber to earn a living. Some of the Ibans in Saratok either work on or own an palm oil plantations. Generally, the Malay community live near rivers, fishing and planting pineapples, cocoa and coconut. A majority of the shopkeepers in Saratok town are Chinese.

A main annual event in Saratok is the Saratok Regatta or Pesta Air Sungai Krian, a boat-racing event. This event usually takes place during one weekend in July. Many stalls selling things ranging from food to souvenirs are set up in the car park between Saratok Wet Market and a nearby Buddhist temple to capitalise on the number of people who throng to this event every year.


There are three secondary schools and three primary schools in Saratok town and a number of rural primary schools. There are also Saratok Hospital and Everise Departmental Supermarket within the town area.


  • Klinik Welcare


  • Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN)
  • Hong Leong Bank Berhad (last time known as Wah Tat Bank Berhad)
  • Agrobank Berhad (last time known as Bank Pertanian Malaysia Berhad)

Petrol Stations[edit]

  • 2 Shell Station
  • 1 Petronas Station.


  • Aaron Mark Than Hotel
  • Ambassador Hotel
  • Evergreen Hotel
  • Golden City Hotel
  • Popular Inn Hotel
  • Victoria Hotel
  • Villa Inn
  • Saratok Hotel
  • Hoover Hotel
  • Mega Inn Hotel
  • Royal Garden
  • Liberty Inn

Government agencies[edit]

  • Cooperative Development Department, Saratok
  • Works Department, Saratok
  • Irrigation and Drainage Department
  • Agriculture Department, Saratok
  • Health District Department, Saratok
  • Forest District Department, Saratok
  • Social Welfare District Department, Saratok
  • IADA, Kalaka-Saribas
  • Saratok Education Department
  • Saratok District Council
  • Saratok District Office

Notable people[edit]

Notable people from Saratok include:


  • YBhg. Datuk Amar Dunstan Endawie Enchana, former Deputy Chief Minister
  • YBhg. Dato' Sri Edmund Langgu, former State Assemblyman for Krian, former member of parliament
  • the late YBhg. Dato' Sri Peter Tinggom, former Malaysia's Deputy Minister of Rural Development and former Member of Parliament for Saratok
  • YB. Datuk Haji Abdul Wahab bin Aziz, State Assemblyman for Kabong and Sarawak's Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Housing
  • Sih Hua Tung, Political Secretary to the Chief Minister
  • YB Ali Biju. State Assemblyman
  • YB. Datuk Peter Nyarok, former of Sarawak's Deputy Minister of Plantation and Cooperative Development and former State Assemblyman for Krian
  • YB. Encik Jelaing Mersat, Malaysia's Deputy Minister of Home Affairs and Member of Parliament for Saratok


  • YBhg. Datu Nillie Tanggai, President of Majlis Adat Istiadat Iban Sarawak
  • the late YBhg. Datuk Amar Yusuf Puteh, former Sarawak State Secretary
  • The Late Tan Sri Gerunsin, former State secretary
  • the late YBhg. Datu Denys Lang, former SALCRA General Manager


  • The Late Temenggong Yeo Thiam Seng
  • Aeries Sumping Jingan, current Assistant Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Sarawak
  • the late YBhg. Temenggong Datuk Montegrai, Iban Community Leader
  • the late Pemanca Naga ak Ajie, Iban Community Leader
  • YBhg. Tan Sri Datuk Douglas Sullang, prominent businessman and former senator
  • Mr. Bernard Aggan, businessman and former Kuching South City Council Member