Saratov Reservoir

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Saratov Reservoir
Саратовское водохранилище.jpg
Coordinates 52°50′N 48°30′E / 52.833°N 48.500°E / 52.833; 48.500Coordinates: 52°50′N 48°30′E / 52.833°N 48.500°E / 52.833; 48.500
Type Hydroelectric reservoir
Primary inflows Volga, Samara
Basin countries Russia
Max. length 357 km
Max. width "25" km
Surface area 1,831 km²
Average depth 7 m
Settlements Samara, Syzran, Balakovo

Saratov Reservoir (Russian: Саратовское водохрани́лище) is an artificial lake in the lower part of the Volga River in Russia formed by the dam of the Saratov Hydroelectric Station situated in the city of Balakovo. Filling of the reservoir started in 1967. The uppermost point of the reservoir is situated in Tolyatti, it stretches through Samara Oblast and Saratov Oblast. The city of Samara and the Samara Bend are situated on the reservoir. The namesake city of Saratov is actually situated downstream the dam.