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Sardar Government Museum, Jodhpur
LocationPublic Park (Ummed Bagh)
Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India
Coordinates26°17′30″N 73°01′56″E / 26.2918°N 73.0323°E / 26.2918; 73.0323Coordinates: 26°17′30″N 73°01′56″E / 26.2918°N 73.0323°E / 26.2918; 73.0323
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The Sardar Government Museum is located in Public Park (Ummed Bagh), Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. The museum is named after Sardar Singh, a maharaja of Jodhpur, and was constructed under the reign of his son, Maharaja Umed Singh. It was built by Henry Vaughan Lanchester in 1909 and formally opened to public on 17 March 1936. [1] [2]


The current collection consist of: [3]

  • 397 stone sculptures
  • 10 inscriptions
  • 1951 miniature paintings
  • 12 terracotta
  • 32 metallic objects
  • 178 arms
  • 111,703 coins
  • 4107 miscellaneous objects

The museum is divided into four sections—the archaeological, armory, art and craft and historical sections. It is particularly rich in weapons, textiles, miniature portraits and local arts and crafts.


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