Sardar Jalaloglu

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Sardar Jalaloglu Azerbaijan
Chairman of the Azerbaijan Democratic Party
Personal details
Born June 3, 1954
Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan
Political party Azerbaijan Democratic Party
Spouse(s) Fatma Mammadova (4 children)
Residence Baku
Profession Doctor, politician

Sardar Jalaloglu (Azerbaijani: Sərdar Cəlaloğlu) (born June 3, 1954) is an Azeri doctor and politician.[1] He was born in the village of Cehri of Babek district of Nakhchivan. He went to school in Ordubad and finished secondary school in Baku. In 1997, he graduated from Azerbaijan State Medical Institute. After graduation, he worked 15 years as a doctor.

Political career[edit]

  • In 1985, he joined Azerbaijan National Movement. He was one of the initiators for establishing Azerbaijan National Movement and till 1991 was member of Nakhchivan National Movement’s governing body.
  • In 1991, he was one of the founders of Azerbaijan Democratic Party, was elected the general secretary of the Azerbaijan Democratic Party in 1994-96, from 1996 to 2005 first deputy chairman of the Party and from 2005 to 2007 deputy chairman of the Party.
  • He was arrested illegally in the events of 15–16 October, 2003, was recognized as a political prisoner by a number of international organizations including European Union and the ECHR and finally was released in March, 2005.
  • On May 27, 2007 in the Ninth Congress of the ADP, he was elected the chairman of the Party.
  • Been nominated for 2008 Presidential election from ADP.
  • One of the founders of newspapers such as: Hurriyyet, Haray and Oyanish.
  • Author of hundreds of articles, book reviews about Globalization, Philosophy, Monographies in Ethnography, etc.
  • Sardar Jalaloglu been arrested 3 times for his outspoken speeches and political views.
  • Sardar Jalaloglu is well-known not only in Azerbaijan, but also in other countries. The world media values him as one of the serious politicians that entered the arena of struggle in Azerbaijan after it gained its independence in 1989.
  • Married, has 4 children.


  • "Mahiyyet" (English: "Essence")
  • "Azadliga mehkumuq" (English: "Sentenced to Freedom")
  • "Insanlar ve adamlar" (English: "Humans and Persons")
  • "Turkecare" (English: "Quackery")


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