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Sardeka (Basque pronunciation: [s̺aɾdeka]; also Xardeka, Chardeka, Chardeca) is a Basque place name that points out mountain passes by analogy of form with a fork.[1] This approach explains the pass name Hourquette in the Gascon Pyrenees.

The name sardeka is generally attributed to mounts (borrowed from a neighboring pass):

  • Sardeka: mounts (494 m) in Gotein-Libarrenx, (1 555 m) near Pellüsa gaina or (1 440  m) near Arthanolatze gaina,
  • Sardeka gaina: a mount (1 893 m) and a crest (1 437 m) near Eskantolha,
  • Hargaina Sardeka (852 m) in Aussurucq,


  1. ^ Basque sarde, saharde 'fork'