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Sardenaira (pissalandrea, or pizza all'Andrea,[1] or piscialandrea, or pizzalandrea,[2] or pissadella,[3] or sardenaira[4]) is a pizza dish, without cheese, from the Liguria region of Italy.[5] It is very similar to the pissaladière.[5][6][7][8] Although termed a pizza, some consider it more akin to a focaccia.[8]

In the city of Sanremo in western Liguria, it is garnished with salted anchovies, local olives, garlic cloves, and capers.[6]

It is known as sardenaira or pizza all'Andrea, after admiral Andrea Doria (1466–1560), whose favorite food was the dish: a slice of bread with olive oil, garlic, and salted anchovy.[7][8]

The dish predates the better-known Neapolitan pizza.[7] Since the dish was created before the Columbian Exchange, traditionalists do not add tomatoes.[7]

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