Sarduri III

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Sarduri III
King of Urartu
Reign639–635 BC
PredecessorRusa II
FatherRusa II

Sarduri III was a king of Urartu between 639 BC and 635 BC.

Urartian King Argishti II left a record of fourteen years of his reign on the walls of chambers hewn in the Rock of Van, while Sarduri III's victories are inscribed on a monument erected on a spot called "the Treasury Gate" in the fortress of Van. The Urartians, then in close contact with the Hittites in the west, had in the east as neighbours the Minni or Manni, in the southerly portion of the Urmiah basin. Records of victories are also found inscribed farther north, on the shores of Lake Sevan, at Gyumri and Erzurum.

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