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Depiction of Sardus Pater in a Roman coin (59 a.C.)

Sardus (also Sid Addir or Σάρδος in Ancient Greek) or also Sardus Pater ("Sardinian Father") was an ancient mythological hero of the Nuragic civilization (Sardinia). Sardus appears in the writings of Sallust and Pausanias.

Ancient sources[edit]

According to Sallust, Sardus son of Hercules, left Libya along with a great multitude of men and occupied the island Sardinia, the island later called by his name. Later Pausanias confirms the story of Sallust and in the second century B.C. writes that Sardus was the son of Makeris (identificable with Melqart, the Libyan Hercules) and that the island of Sardinia changed its name from Ichnusa to Sardinia in honor of Sardus.

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