Sarge (band)

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OriginChampaign, Illinois
Genresindie rock
Years active1996–2000
LabelsMud Records
Past members

Sarge was an indie rock band from Champaign, Illinois, in the United States. They released three albums on Mud Records.[1]


Sarge was formed in Champaign, Illinois by singer-songwriter, Elizabeth Elmore and bassist, Rachel Switzky.[2] They later recruited a drummer, Chad Romanski.[2] A second guitarist, Pat Cramer, volunteered to work for the band later.[3] The band's first gig was at the Blind Pig in January of 1996.[3]

The band was considered "punk rock" and called "thoroughly solid" by CMJ New Music Monthly.[4] In 1999, the Chicago Tribune called the band a "well-honed pop group."[5] The band broke up in 1999 when Elmore returned to law school.[6][7]


Sarge released albums on Mud Records, as well as released a number of singles.

  • "Dear Josie, Love Robyn"/"The Last Boy" (7") – Mud Records (1996)[9]
  • "Stall"/"Time After Time" (7") – Mud Records (1998)


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