Sargent Fletcher

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Sargent Fletcher
Industry Aerospace
Founded 1940
Headquarters 9400 Flair Dr.
El Monte, California
Key people
Ron Winkler, VP
Number of employees
150 (2010)[1]

Sargent Fletcher is a subsidiary company of Cobham plc. which makes aircraft equipment, including aerial refueling systems, external fuel tanks, and special purpose pods.


Sargent Fletcher was founded in 1940[2] and bought by Cobham in 1994.

According to a 1991 report the company submitted to regional air quality officials, the company's El Monte chrome-plating plant showed the highest cancer-risk level of any business in the San Gabriel Valley.[3] It was later closed in 2010.


The KC-130J was supposed to be equipped with Flight Refuelling Ltd's Mk32B-901E hose-and-drogue units, but operational problems meant that the aircraft went into production using equipment from Sargent Fletcher instead.[4]

Aircraft using Sargent Fletcher equipment include:

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