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Sargento Foods Inc.
[privately held company]
IndustryCheese and food production, marketing
FoundedPlymouth, Wisconsin, 1953
FounderLeonard Gentine and Joseph Sartori
Plymouth, Wisconsin
Key people
Louis Gentine, CEO
ProductsPackaged food, Dairy products
RevenueSales are over $1.3 billion annually
OwnerThe Gentine family
Number of employees
1,800 (2016 estimate)

Sargento Foods Inc. is an American food producer best known for its cheese. It was established in 1953 in Plymouth, Wisconsin by Leonard Gentine and Joseph Sartori.[1][2] The company name is a combination of Sartori and Gentine, with an "o" added to make the name sound Italian, as the company specialized in Italian-style cheeses.[3][4] Sargento is one of the largest privately held companies in the United States,[5] and is one of the country's largest retail cheese companies.[6] The company offers profit sharing, tuition reimbursement and benefits for its employees.[7] The company has been a sponsor in American motorsports for many years;[8][9] for example, it is prominently displayed on Road America raceway.[10][11][12]


Sargento was the first company to sell packaged shredded cheese, and the first to develop zippered packaging for its cheeses.[13][14] The company also produces and markets specialty cheeses, which it purveys on its website and in catalogs.[15] Additional products include sauces, snack cheeses and snack foods, and the company also manufactures custom cheese and food products for corporate clients.[15]

In early 2017, Sargento recalled seven cheeses for possible listeria contamination.[16]


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