Sargis II Jaqeli

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Sargis II Jaqeli
Atabeg of Samtskhe
Reign 1306–1334
Predecessor Beka I
Successor Qvarqvare I
Died 1334
Issue Qvarqvare I Jaqeli
Dynasty Jaqeli
Father Beka I Jaqeli
Religion Orthodox Christianity

Sargis II Jaqeli (Georgian: სარგის II ჯაყელი) (died 1334) was a Georgian prince (mtavari) and ruler of Principality of Samtskhe from 1306 to 1334.[1] He was a son of Prince Beka I Jaqeli. During his father's reign Sargis participated in many campaigns. In 1290s Asat Musa, leader of the Anatolian turkish tribes, attacked Samtskhe. Beka Jaqeli appointed Sargis as commander of army and ordered him to stop Turks near village Vashlovani. Atabeg's order was brilliantly fulfilled. Sargis defeated Turkish troops and expelled them from Meskhetian lands. In 1306 after his fathers death, Sargis ascended the Atabeg's throne. He was made Amirspasalari by his nephew, King George V "the Brilliant". After Sargis II's death His son Qvarqvare became a new Prince of Meskheti, also the vassal of Georgian kingdom.


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Sargis II Jaqeli
Preceded by
Beka I
Prince of Meskheti
Succeeded by
Qvarqvare I