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The Surguja Express is a daily express train of North Central Railway, in India, running between Gwalior City in Madhya Pradesh and Ambikapur town in Chhattisgarh.

Number and nomenclature[edit]

The number provided for the train is 1129 from Gwalior and 1130 from Ambikapur. The name Surguja signifies the former name of Ambikapur District when it was a part and district of Madhya Pradesh.

Route and halts[edit]

The train runs daily via GunaBinaKatniAnuppur route. The intermediate stoppage of the train are:

Arrival and departure[edit]

  • The 1129 Ambikapur Surguja Express departs from Gwalior at 10:00 daily and reaches Ambikapur at 4:00 am the next day.
  • The 1130 Gwalior Sarguja Express departs from Ambikapur at 7:00 am and reaches Gwalior at 1:00 am the next day.

Coach info[edit]

The train consist of 16 Coaches as follows:

  • 1 AC-3 coach
  • 1 first class coach
  • 1 ladies special coach
  • 1 chair car
  • 4 general coach
  • 8 sleeper coach

The train does not contain any pantry car (Rasoi Yaan), so passengers are advised to bring their own food while travelling.

Average speed[edit]

The train runs with an average speed of 67 km/h.

Important junctions[edit]

The train crosses over GunaBinaKatniAnuppur major junctions.

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