Sarimbun Reservoir

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Sarimbun Reservoir
Location Western Water Catchment
Coordinates 1°25′30″N 103°41′03″E / 1.42500°N 103.68417°E / 1.42500; 103.68417Coordinates: 1°25′30″N 103°41′03″E / 1.42500°N 103.68417°E / 1.42500; 103.68417
Type reservoir
Basin countries Singapore

Sarimbun Reservoir (Chinese: 莎琳汶蓄水池) is one of the four reservoirs in the Western Water Catchment of Singapore.

The reservoir was constructed by damming Sungei Sarimbun and widening of Sungei Karang, Sungei Hantu, and Sungei Sarimbun.[1] It is now part of SAFTI Live Firing Area in the north, which has restricted access and only accessible through the TRMC Operations Room. The public can cut through from Bahtera Track to enter Sarimbun Reservoir area.

The reservoir is near the location of where the first Japanese troops landed on Singapore on 8 February 1942 where they fought against the Australian troops defending Singapore.


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