Sarir APC

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TypeArmoured personnel carrier
Place of origin Iran
Service history
Used byIRGC
Production history
ManufacturerDefense Industries Organization (Iran)
Crew2 (+8 passengers)

ArmorWelded steel
14.5 mm KPVT heavy machine gun

Sarir or Tala'iye is an Iranian 4x4 cross-country APC developed and produced by DIO's Shahid Kolah Dooz industrial complex.[1] This APC is developed specifically for IRGC. It was unveiled in early 2012 during IRGC's "Shohadaye Vahdat" (Martyrs of unity) wargames.[2]

The APC's main armament is a 14.5 mm KPV heavy machine gun machine gun with a turret similar to Russian BTR series. Like Rakhsh, engine in situated in the front of the vehicle that provides more room for troops inside. It uses different kinds of domestic communication systems to be connected to the command stations and two large antennas are installed to the back. Troop compartment is in the middle of vehicle and is accessed only by 2 doors in the rear. Armor is said to be welded steel which protects from 12.7 mm machine guns. Troops can fire their weapons from 8 small firing ports in the sides.[3]


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