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Sarita Sarvate is an Indian-American journalist and writer. For nearly twenty years, she has published the “Last Word” column[1] for India Currents, an Indian-American magazine. She has also published opinion essays for New America Media,[2] a coalition of ethnic media around the world and its predecessor the Pacific News Service,[3] for over a decade. Her opinion columns, essays, and book reviews have been syndicated in the Los Angeles Times,[4] the San Jose Mercury News,[5] the Oakland Tribune,[6] Salon Magazine,[7] Rediff News Service of India,[8] and many other online and print media outlets. She has been a leader in the South Asian community, speaking at various events, and has been written about in a profile of exceptional women in the South Asian immigrant women.[9] Her fiction has been published in an anthology of poetry and fiction by South Asian American writers.[10]


In 1998, she won the award [11] for the best commentary in ethnic media from New California Media, a coalition of ethnic digital and print media that has since expanded to become the New America Media. The following year, she won the second prize in the same category.


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