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Shirt badge/Association crest
First colours
Second colours
First international
Sark Sark 0–19 Gibraltar Gibraltar
(Guernsey; 29 June 2003)
Biggest defeat
Sark Sark 0–20 Isle of Wight Isle of Wight
(Guernsey; 30 June 2003)

The Sark football team represents the Channel Island of Sark.

The official Sark team, Sark FC was created in 2001.[1] Sark only play friendly games against any opposition that wishes to come over and play them.[citation needed]

International matches[edit]

Year Nation Score Nation
2003 Gibraltar  19–0  Sark
2003 Sark  0–20  Isle of Wight
2003 Greenland  16–0  Sark
2003 Frøya  15–0  Sark

The team lost all four matches by at least 15 goals, having the record of 0 goals for and 55 goals against from just three matches.[1] The island made games history by becoming the first team ever to fail to score a goal.[2]



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