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Sarke Studio LLC is a US-based film production company. It was founded and is owned by four passionate filmmakers, producers, businessman and just creative individuals from the country of Georgia. Sarke Studio creates, seeks for, develops, produces, co-produces and provides full-scale film production services throughout its locations in Georgia. The Studio houses all necessary facilities from production offices to several large sound stages.


Sarke Studio LLC was established in the country of Georgia back in 1998 as an advertising agency. Since its inception, Sarke Studio has experienced tremendous growth. By 2004 it became an industry powerhouse with over 300 employees and the country’s largest network of major clients. From local businesses to the biggest international brands – even Georgia’s leading political parties – Sarke built relationships with them all. In 2008, with over 400 commercials produced and still counting, Sarke Studio began to co-produce local short and full-length feature films, all of which were successful at the local box-office.

In 2011, Sarke Studio produced its first English language feature – a high-concept genre film called 247°F.[1] The story is about a group of friends who get trapped in a sauna that keeps getting hotter and hotter. 247°F was picked up and is distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment.

In November 2013, Sarke Studio successfully completed multimillion-dollar production service for the French Film companies Petite Reine[2] and Search Production on the feature film The Search – directed by the Oscar-winning director of The Artist,[3] Michel Hazanavicius, starring Annette Bening and Bérénice Bejo.

In 2014 Sarke produced its second English-language feature, Landmine Goes Click.[4] The story is about a helpless American tourist vacationing in a mountainous region of European Georgia, who steps on a landmine that threatens to go off if he moves. The movie won Best Thriller Feature award at Shriekfest,[5] Best movie award at Cinestrange,[6] Audience Jury Award at Fantasporto,[7] and ten more awards.

In 2015 Sarke Studio with GDS Production[8] shot horror and fantasy genre TV series Paradox,[9] about a group of people trying to save their lives after a world apocalypse. It is the first Georgian-Ukrainian production.

Today and beyond[edit]

Sarke Studio LLC offers production assistance to Georgian and foreign companies, who intend to shoot a film, or make any kind of production in Georgia. Besides the full production and co-production, Sarke Studio has all the necessary facilities, technical equipment and a professional crew to provide full-scale film production services in Georgia.

Sarke Studio LLC has worked with Indian producer Krishna Jagarlamudi[10] and has shot two Indian movies – Kanche[11] and Gautamiputra Sakatarni[12] – in Georgia. Sarke Studio performed the full production assistance to these projects.

Since 2016, a 20% tax incentive is granted by the Georgian government to those foreign production companies that shoot their films in Georgia. Sarke Studio was the first to work in the frames of the tax rebate project successfully.[13]


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