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Clockwise from top: Arshak, Tigran and Aviet Sarkies

The Sarkies Brothers were a group of brothers of Armenian ethnicity, best known for founding a chain of luxury hotels throughout Southeast Asia. Born in Isfahan, Iran,[1] the brothers were:

  • Martin Sarkies (1852–1912)
  • Tigran Sarkies (1861–1912)
  • Aviet Sarkies (1862–1923)
  • Arshak Sarkies (1868–1931)

In chronological order, the hotels founded or run by the brothers were:[2]

It was 23-year-old Tigran who took the first step into the hotel industry, seeing it as more profitable than his fledgling auctioneering business. Taking over the lease of a large compound house at 1A Light Street, he named it the Eastern Hotel, announcing on 15 April 1884 that the hotel was open to receive boarders.[6]

In addition, the brothers' cousin Arathoon Sarkies (1882–1932) managed the Adelphi Hotel in Singapore from 1903 to 1908,[7] and Hotel Majapahit (as Hotel Oranje) in Surabaya, Indonesia was founded in 1910 by Martin's cousin Lucas Martin Sarkies (1876–?) and his brother John.[8][9] Kartika Wijaya in Batu, Java, Indonesia was originally built as a vacation villa for the Sarkies, and was only later turned into a hotel.[10]

Arshak, the last of the brothers, died on January 9, 1931. On June 10 of the same year, a bankruptcy case was filed against the Raffles Hotel, eventually resulting in the Sarkies family losing control of their hotels in Singapore and Penang.[2] The hotel in Surabaya, however, stayed in the hands of the Sarkies' descendants until 1969.[11]

Another Sarkies hotel still operating is The Niagara Hotel, Lawang, East Java.

The Sarkies name still lives on in Singapore through the namesake Sarkies Road[12] and Arathoon's descendants.[13]


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