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Sarlagab or Zarlagab
King of Sumer
Reignfl. Late 3rd millennium BC
HouseGutian Dynasty of Sumer

Sarlagab or Zarlagab (fl. late 3rd millennium BC[1][2][3]) was the second Gutian ruler of the Gutian Dynasty of Sumer mentioned on the Sumerian King List as possibly reigning for six years. Sarlagab may have been a contemporary of the Akkadian king Shar-kali-sharri, if he is the same Gutian king Sharlag whom Shar-kali-sharri captured according to one of his year-names.[4] According to the King List, he was the successor of Inkishush. Shulme then succeeded Inkishush.

Preceded by
King of Sumer
fl. Late 3rd millennium BC
Succeeded by

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