Sarmiento Lake

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Sarmiento Lake
Lago Sarmiento.jpg
Location Magallanes Region
Coordinates 51°03′S 72°45′W / 51.050°S 72.750°W / -51.050; -72.750Coordinates: 51°03′S 72°45′W / 51.050°S 72.750°W / -51.050; -72.750[1]
Type Endorheic[2]
Basin countries Chile
Max. length 23 km (14 mi)[2]
Max. width 6 km (3.7 mi)[2]
Surface area 90 km2 (35 sq mi)[3]
Max. depth 315 m (1,033 ft)[2]
References [1][2][3]

Sarmiento Lake is a lake located in Torres del Paine National Park, in the Magallanes Region of southern Chile. It is named after Spanish explorer Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa, and gives its name to one of the areas in the National Park Torres del Paine. Its edge is marked by extensive calcium deposits, possibly from hydrothermal activity in the lake.

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